LUKE for Operations

Let’s keep this simple.

You will directly receive your LUKE Requests. You will receive these by email, by App and within your manager.

The LUKE Request is mapped and carries along with it all the information that was submitted - location, description, photographs and user.

Bring this request into your manager and assign type, responsible department, personnel and effort level.

Manage progress with dialog and communication, attaching photographs and documents, all within your authorized user list. The closed environment keeps all information private.

All LUKE data is created and maintained as GIS features. These can be used directly in your existing GIS or exported to a table based format.

Your work is hard. Knowing where to go and what to expect shouldn't be.

Your work is hard. Knowing where to go and what to expect shouldn't be.


The LUKE Manager

Your manager holds the data specific to you. Although there are thousands of LUKE Requests out there only yours are loaded into your manager. Your LUKE manager allows you to organize and track the effort, manpower and statuses of your work. Create work orders based on requests. Assign responsibility, update statuses, attach photographs and documents. All while keeping the public engaged and knowledgable of the progress.

Your manager. Your data.

Your manager. Your data.

The LUKE List

Lists are customized per manager. LUKE provides a starting point for typical items a crew may want to track. So if things like the below work for you we are ready to go. If you need custom items just let us know what they are and you are still good to go.

This is not an exhaustive list. Other custom lists include departments, resolved by entities and your staff.

  • Dead animal removal

  • traffic light

  • traffic sign

  • pothole

  • graffiti

  • dump site

  • inspection

  • bandit sign

  • water break


For Operations (staff of 1-15).

Contact us for your official quote but an average cost per organization (a city, HOA, district or association) is $6,000 annually with a $200 a monthly fee*.

*The monthly fee provides software updates and our services to handle LUKE Requests that are not your responsibility to resolve.