Privacy Policy and Data Use

LUKE provides an easy way for the general public to submit requests for non-emergency items including but not limited to potholes, buckled sidewalks, trash in your community or water leaks. The LUKE App provides a simple way to report these items and provide follow up services until they are resolved.

LUKE can assist you in your requests, get the right staff to work, and let you know when everything is resolved.

This Policy is as easy to read as our LUKE app is as easy to use.

Your privacy is important to us and we want to be as clear as possible about how LUKE gathers and uses your data. We want you to understand how your data is being used to ultimately help you resolve your request.

But first we must establish "who is who" and "what is what".

"LUKE","We" or "Us" all refer to employees, staff or products that supply the services of LUKE

"Site", "Website" or "App" refers to any LUKE Web or App service.

"You", "Your" and "User" all refer to persons using the LUKE application.

"Data" and "Information" are used interchangeably.

By the continued use of LUKE you are agreeing to the terms of our Privacy Policy.


During your installation of LUKE and the use of the LUKE app we may collect information. This information is exclusively used to resolve your problem.

There are 3 Types of data we may gather:

  1. Data we ask for

  2. Data you provide and

  3. Data retrieved from your device

Data we ask for

During Installation

Account information gathered during installation is generic and cannot be used to directly identify you. During the time to create an account we only ask for a name and a valid e-mail address. This information is used to create a line of communication to keep you informed on the status of your request. We feel if it is important enough for you to submit a LUKE request, it is important enough for you to receive status updates.

We do require you to create a LUKE account. We know it is another account you have to set up but you only need to do it once, LUKE will remember you. We could allow you to sign up using other accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter, but we want to keep this simple and appropriate.

During your use of LUKE

When we need access to your location or content stored on your device, we will ask for your permission. You have full control on whether you allow LUKE to gather this information as these permissions can be modified in your device settings. Just remember that the location of the request is important in getting your problem resolved quickly – and a photo of the problem is extremely beneficial in classifying your request.

Location Data is only gathered when the LUKE app is active and only gathered to locate your request.

Data You Provide

During a LUKE request

During the process of submitting a request you have the opportunity to provide information such as a description and a photo. These two pieces of information, combined with a location (that we politely asked for earlier), provide valuable information as to who should be responsible for resolving the request.

While interacting with a LUKE request

After a request has been submitted, it is open for all other users of LUKE to comment on. If you choose to respond and comment on a request, only the comment itself is displayed to others. Your name or e-mail will not be shown to other users. Internal to the application, LUKE will keep a connection between a user and the comments a user submits. The purpose of this connection is described in the DATA USE portion of this Policy.

You may also "follow" a request if you are interested in being notified of changes to the request.When you follow a request LUKE internally associates your account and user information so that you may be notified of changes.Other Users will not be able to see who follows what request.

If you contact customer support

We may also collect information about you if you call or e-mail any of our support services. Our e-mail account is

Data retrieved from Your Device

There are common practices we follow to better help us provide and maintain a good solution for you. LUKE may use Google Analytics to better understand how LUKE users collectively submit and interact with requests. In addition to these analytics we may also collect device settings such as type of device, unique device identifiers, and usage amounts.


Now that we have shared how we may gather or obtain information, let us tell you how we use it.

Data shared from a LUKE request

Ultimately every piece of information provided by you, expanded by others or consolidated by LUKE is to resolve issues LUKE users may have. All information that you may provide including location, photos and descriptions may be seen by other LUKE users. This information is additionally packaged and sent to an appropriate office to help resolve your request. An example of an appropriate office may be a City's Facility and Maintenance Department or a Management District's Operations Group.

Once the appropriate office is identified, the entirety of the LUKE request may be sent to either a LUKE website service in which the request will be turned into a LUKE Work Order or it may be sent to a third party work order management system. In either case, the only information being transferred from your LUKE request is the date, contact e-mail, the location of the request, photo of the request and any description content that you or others may have provided.

Remember somebody has to resolve the request.Usually that somebody has an established process of work and existing resolution software. LUKE will send the request information in a generic fashion to be used by others.

If you submit inappropriate content

We keep a relationship between user and comments. We are not tricking you here and we want you to know that we can follow requests through our system and identify the sources. Please see the "APPROPRIATE USE, CONTENT AND LANGUAGE" section of this policy.

Your contact information

We only ask for two pieces of information to identify you as a LUKE user. A username and a valid e-mail address. The e-mail address may be used to communicate with you about a LUKE request or updates to LUKE. At no point will your email information be sold, rented or leased to third party vendors.


Data associated with an actual request is stored and managed by LUKE.

Account information provided during account set up or information provided to retrieve account settings is currently managed by Okta. Information about Okta is provided within their privacy policy and terms of service.


Let's be absolutely clear that at no point is it allowable for you to submit inappropriate content in any manner. Each LUKE request submitted is personally reviewed and will be rejected if the request contains any lewd, inappropriate or sexual content. If you submit inappropriate content of any manner we will make every effort necessary to remove you from all LUKE services and we may, but have no obligation, if necessary report you and the content to the appropriate officials. We will disclose your information if legal action is or should be made against you.


This Policy does not create rights enforceable by third parties