A Public Reporting Tool (311 ish)


Our mission is to provide an extra hand to the communities that embrace their surroundings and strive to keep their neighborhood maintained and useful.  We as the public who enjoy our communities and are willing to engage in the upkeep of our community should be given a clear and easy path to do so.  The public constantly moves about their community and in most cases are the first eyes that can identify issues before they become larger issues or hazards.

Our goal is to provide an unobstructed path for reporting items that are in need of attention.  This may sound easy enough but in most of our current civic environments there are many entities stacked on top of one another, each providing unique maintenance, repair and facility support.  Asking a citizen to research “who is responsible” and then “navigate the entity’s submittal system” (which at times would require a degree in civic government) is asking too much when all they are trying to do is be a good citizen.

We at LUKE strive to take this onerous duty off the shoulders of the resident by simply allowing the public to report ANY item without worrying about who the responsible entity is.  Simply report the item, LUKE will take it from there, notifying the appropriate entity while keeping you informed on the progress.

We strive to provide ease to the caring citizen.